It's All About Accountability

This is the final blog of a three part series by Marney Hatch, Account Coordinator at 104 West.

When and When Not to Accept LinkedIn Invites

We all have received a LinkedIn invite from someone we don't know or have any connections with and question whether or not to accept it. Which of these invites should you accept and which should you steer clear from? Steven Petrow from USA Today advises to only accept invites from those you have met and only send requests to those you know professionally. Read More.

How to Successfully Promote Your Blog

Having good content on your blog is extremely important, but figuring out how to effectively promote your blog is the key to success. Social Times provides a great infographic that provides helpful advice from top marketing experts to promote your blog successfully. Read more.

Opportunities Presented During My Internship

This is the second of a three part series by Marney Hatch, Account Coordinator at 104 West.

Lessons I Learned During My Internship at 104 West

This is the first of a three part series written by Marney Hatch, Account Coordinator at 104 West.

Are you misusing social media?

Even though social media has been around for many years, marketers and businesses still continue to struggle with it. Social media marketing can be a huge help when building your brand, but only if it is being used correctly. Mashable gives great insight on the 15 ways marketers commonly misuse social media.

How to Rock at Startup PR

For entrepreneurs, getting their startup known by the public can be extremely difficult at the beginning. Introducing a company in the correct way is crucial when it comes to its success. By putting an emphasis on their company's PR from the beginning, they can get people excited about their brand. VentureBeat puts together some great tips to help entrepreneurs hit their startup's PR out of the park.

104 West Hits the Mountains for 2015 Agency Summit

Imagine being wrapped in sunshine and surrounded by white-capped mountains and crisp air - so refreshing that it takes your breath away (in a good way). The 104 West team temporarily elevated their location from 5,280 feet in Denver to 9,000 feet in Winter Park for their 2015 Agency Summit where we reflected on 2014 and developed strategic focus for 2015, while Patrick led us on a few fun, introspective team-building exercises.

Teamwork: noun team - work \ˈtēm-ˌwərk\

Why Brands are Excited About Instagram's New Video Loop

Instagram's new recurring loop video is making brands very excited. The repeating video look is giving brands a new and creative angle to advertising. Gap has created a new micro-show on instagram that has been successful, and other brands are mimicking their approach.

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Online Sports Viewing is Bright for Fans and Marketers

Television is no longer the dominant medium for sports consumption around the world. Audiences are choosing to use their phones, tablets and online streaming to watch sports with flexibility they cannot get from cable companies. Because of this, sports networks will allow you to stream their channels for a small cost on the new emerging web-TV services.

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