It's An Honor...

From the Desk of Patrick Ward...

Over the weekend, another list appeared, this one compiling the Top 100 Tech PR Executives in the World. I was included on the list.

It is both an honor, and yet somewhat inappropriate.

It is an honor because I know and respect so many people on this list. Some are friends of mine. Some are former colleagues. All deserve to be on this list. To be included with these great practitioners was a surprise. To be thought of as their peer is humbling.

But, it is also inappropriate because I would never think in terms of 'I.' Instead, I think in terms of 'we.' My colleagues at 104 West deserve to be on this list as a collective. It is my name on the door (as it were) but it is their hard work behind that door. And we cannot overstate how much our clients make our work so rewarding and innovative. Without their confidence in our ideas, we would never be on this list or the others like it that have included us before.

So, this is great news and we're happy to relate it. But we share this recognition with past and present colleagues and clients because that work and that history are what Hot Topics Community is really acknowledging.