Change, for lack of a better word, is Good

Several years ago, we noticed an inexorable trend line: the shrinking number of tech media and the increasing financial stress on these outlets that forced the media to cover less. And in that effort, unless a company was a household name or the “it” company of the week, the bulk of tech companies were facing a growing disadvantage to opening and sustaining conversations with markets and constituencies. Along the way we found this study from Pew Research that basically supported everything we were thinking, and that there was a needed alternative. The result was a new methodology that incorporated content as a platform to engage a marketplace. Over time, we refined the concept and eventually launched it under a branded moniker of Content Distribution Optimization or CDO.

To roll out this new platform, we launched a complicated web site to explain the complicated concept. It was helpful at the time, replete with charts and long narratives on the benefits of the concept. But it was mostly theory and abstract. We didn’t have many concrete examples. We were selling an idea.

Fast-forward to today and every one of our clients is using this methodology in some form or another. And maybe more importantly, the market has caught up to our idea and we don’t really need to explain it as much. And certainly, we can now point to dozens of examples of the success of this program.

So today, we are launching a new web site that we believe illustrates our expertise and allows people unfamiliar with our work to review how it might work for them. We hope it explains our value proposition: Whatever traditional marketing does to communicate products and services, we do that; but we do it for stories.

We invite you to poke around, offer feedback and help us improve how we explain to the market our work and why we think it is effective. We look forward to that. We are passionate about this work, because it is productive and enables our clients to touch their markets more efficiently and influence them more effectively. We hope you’ll have a look.