104 West Takes on Winter Park for the 2016 Agency Retreat

As a way to gear up for the exciting year ahead, the entire 104 West team recently packed up our work and headed to Winter Park for a few days of brainstorming and team building. Our annual winter retreat is an adventure we all look forward to because it gives us time away from the office to talk about what we've achieved in the last 12 months and how we can make strides for the agency in the year ahead.

Looking Back & Planning Ahead
We discussed our wins and successes from the past year and brainstormed ways to keep momentum in 2016. In conjunction with celebrating the agency’s 13th anniversary, we created a SWOT analysis to help identify our greatest strengths and opportunities for growth. This session helped determine agency goals for the upcoming year and provided a forum for open discussion about best practices and proven methods for success.

Work Hard, Play Hard
We finished up a great afternoon of storming brains with a surprise wine-tasting hosted by our resident wine expert, Brian Mast. We then went out for Mexican and margs and played Patrick’s favorite game, Two Truths and a Lie. We can happily report that we learned our fearless leader and CEO has never been arrested. We capped the night off with bowling and beers, confirming that Sarah, Emily and Caitlin should keep their day jobs. Competitive bowling will NOT pay their bills.

In the morning, we split up into groups for our outdoor adventures of downhill skiing, cross country skiing or a scenic snowcat ride up the mountain. The group consensus reflected an awesome day out of office and for some, one of the best ski days we’d had all year.