104 West Client Survey Spotlight

From survey reports to infographics to content programs, the 104 West team has been on a roll for the past few months. The survey reports and the unique audience insights that they deliver are a key part of our content-driven communications strategy. As we approach the end of the year, we thought we’d take a quick moment to pause and share some of our incredible client projects and survey results. 

Here are a few snippets from some of our recent client survey reports:

From Main Street To Madison Ave. Millennials Disrupting 50 Year-Old balance Of Marketing Power by Magisto

Traditional legacy marketing tactics and strategies are meaningless to SMB millennial marketers. In fact, 68 percent of millennials depend on social media ads for generating brand awareness, and 60 percent depend on social media ads to drive revenue, compared to only 27 percent of baby boomers. Millennials aren't using traditional marketing channels like TV, radio, and print. Instead they have embraced a digital-first strategy, using social media to support the entire marketing funnel including driving conversions and revenue. 

The Future of Tech Support by Support.com

Consumers are warming to the idea of Artificial Intelligence playing a role in customer service, and specifically in tech support. The data shows that consumers are ready for more personalized and intelligent tech support solutions to emerge over the next five years, and they’re willing to hand over their personal device and user data for a better experience. 

U.S. Employees: Detached, Disengaged, Disenchanted by Rapt Media

This snapshot of real feedback on the American workplace reveals only one in three U.S. employees (32%) actually feel engaged at work. Another one-third of employees don't think their companies care about them, and many feel unappreciated by their supervisors, disconnected from their leaders, and bored with their internal communications and trainings.

IT’s Struggle to Keep Pace with the Speed of Business by TrackVia

As business continues to outpace traditional software, companies are ill-equipped to innovate and ultimately compete in their respective industries. This is the first in a series of small reports by TrackVia on the current state of internal business application development.

Technology and Tomorrow’s In-Person Social Experiences by Sequence

Despite the rise of the digital sharing culture and increased amount of time people spend on screens, people still crave real-life connections with other human beings. This survey examined people’s digital gaming behaviors and how they are — or aren’t — satiating the desire for that person-to-person connection. Findings show that most people appreciate and seek out games that connect them to others in a meaningful way. In fact, two out of three consumers wish that more digital games were designed to bring friends and family together.

Digital Communication Dominates Customer Engagement by STARTEK

For brands to successfully engage with consumers, they need to understand what they want and how they want to communicate. This survey explores consumer behavior and evolving expectations to understand preferences for utilizing mobile devices, digital communication mediums and social media channels to interact with brands.

The year isn’t over yet -- stay tuned for another round of incredible data coming soon!