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That Diner Feeling: How Denny's Became a Weirdly Successful Content Marketer

Talk about a Grand Slam. Denny’s has spent the past few years developing a unique, often funny, brand voice over a number of different channels that's drawn attention from both the media and its rapidly growing number of fans.

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The Rules of Social Media Branding

Social media is a tool that helps gain maximum exposure online for businesses. Branding your business through social media takes time and effort, as well as great content. Here are seven rules to social media branding.

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Social Media Celebrities Cash In On Their Influence

Brands are looking for ways to reach their target audience beyond traditional advertisements. They are turning to social media celebrities to pitch a product or service through social media channels. Social media stars are finding that advocating for brands can be a lucrative business.

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104 West Perspective

Breathe.... Breathe... Breathe....

From the Desk of Patrick Ward

This year has started with a whirlwind for 104 West.

Since January 1, we have won assignments from:

TrackVia, a Denver-based provider of software platforms for Citizen Developers, those internal non-IT business managers who want to build proprietary applications to overcome deficiencies in packaged software.

If You Can Company, the San Mateo, Calif., venture from gaming pioneer Trip Hawkins that is using gameplay to teach children about social and emotional learning.

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The Internet of Things, CES and the Conscious Home

From the Desk of Patrick Ward…
Just when we thought CES had overdone the Internet of Things meme, Google goes and buys Nest for a mere $3.2 billion. Ho-hum…

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If You Blinked, You Missed a New Landscape in Tech Media

From the Desk of Patrick Ward…

Amid the furor that is CES, somehow a confluence of events in the tech media went largely unnoticed.

Look at what happened last week:

All Things D transformed into Re|Code, separating a tech journalism icon and his swashbuckling partner (who may one day herself achieve icon status) from one of the great newspapers in history.  All at a valuation rumored to be around $50 million.

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